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Wow! Motormaster has the coolest whippy chain thingies! They're kinda hard to control but they're LOADS of fun!!!!!!


Since Talk Like A Pirate day was so much fun, I decided to look up other fun little holidays taht the humans celebrate! Today is Elephant Appreciation Day, According to this website.

So I thought it would be fun to 'celebrate' this! 

Watch out for the Elephant roaming the halls! He kinda got loose.


Arrrrrrrg! Yo ho maties, how arrrre ya this fine day?

Guess what today be!

*Naturally, Moonracer has snuck into the communications room and after QUITE a bit of hacking, she's managed to get 'A Pirates Life For Me' to play continuiosly throughout everyone's processors, ALL DAY LONG :D*


You HAVE to join WoW!!!! It's SOOOO FUN!!!!!



Sixshot! Did you ever get your ear back, sweetie? I can't remember what I did with it...I might have left it with Elita, I'm not sure! I hope I didn't take it with me to the island, that would be bad because I don't think I came back with anything except my animal friends!



Nightbird, where /are/ you? I want to show you some of my animals! <3

-Personal log, unhackable-Collapse )



Oh, Fallen cutie I'm so sorry for forgetting about you the other night, I know we were supposed to meet so you could help me make my sword but I totally forgot!!! How can I make it up to you?!


Aug. 19th, 2008

Hello friends! Moonracer reporting in to let all of you know that I'm busy doing some very important things in my room! Please do not worry for me if you happen not to see me for a while! Please do not disturb me. Everything is fine.